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Custom Soundtracks

Your Music arranged and performed to enhance your vocal range and musical style. Just add your vocal(s)!

Your penned or top 40 'Southern, Bluegrass, Traditional, Contemporary or Country Style' Gospel Songs.

Studio Musicians performing your songs, such as Danny Crawford, Paul Rogers, Tony Creasman, Roger Fortner, Richard Putnam, and David Johnson, who was voted #1 studio musician twice, by the Southern Gospel Music Association.  The above musicians can be found on countless recordings by the Talleys, Mckamey's, Kingdom Heirs, Inspirations, Kingsmen,  and many more main stream gospel artists.


Piano (keyboard), strings, horns, bass, drums (live or programmed), rhythm, lead, steel guitars, 
dobro,  harmonica, fiddle, mandolin and percussion.

The cost of each soundtrack is based on the complexity,  instrumentation, and number of studio musicians needed for each soundtrack. 

  • Basic track with piano, bass, programmed drums, acoustic guitar, and 1 lead instrument...$175.00 per track.
  • A soundtrack with additional instrumentation ranges from...$200.00 - $250.00 per track. 
  • Orchestration - violins, violas, cellos, trumpets, and trombones ranges from...$300.00 - $500.00 per track.
I would enjoy talking with you about your next soundtrack project. Each artist(s) is more than welcome to be here at the studio during  your soundtrack recording session.  Our goal is to arrange and produce a soundtrack which you will enjoy singing to, and presenting the gospel during each of your concerts.  

Studio Music by Richard Putnam & David Johnson